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Wellness Rimini

Rimini thalassotherapy centre

Wellness Rimini

Rimini thalassotherapy centre

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Rimini Thalassotherapy Centre

Spa and wellness to restore mind and body energy

The Thalassotherapy Centre stands directly on the seaside, between Rimini and Riccione.  The Centre uses sea water to treat a wide array of ailments.
Rimini Thalassotherapy Centre has spa and physiotherapy areas for:

Thermal Services

  • Spa pools
  • thalassotherapy
  • Inhalation treatment
  • Spa mud bath treatment
  • Balneotherapy and vascular cure
  • Physiotherapy and osteopathy
  • Re-education therapy

Besides specific treatment, spa and wellness care is also available to restore mind and body energy.

The location is here essential and makes all the difference as wellness and care treatment can be combined with sports activities and events organised directly on the beach.

Rimini Thalassotherapy Centre is only 5 minutes bus ride from the Strand Hotel and the bus stop is just opposite. We offer complementary bus passes to our guests!

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